"I bought the Tempo DVDs for my entire team so they can have extra batting practice inside their homes." - Coach R. DeWitt
Top 7 Reasons You Need This DVD:
1. It's like taking batting practice at home. Just put the DVD in and follow instructions. No balls or pitching machines needed... just a bat and that's it!
2. It's the easiest and best way to learn the Super 8 Hitting System. Perfect compliment to the Pro Stroke DVD.
3. It's the best way to teach a hitter to use his hands.
4. You can use the drills twice a week, a hitter can build good habits and eliminate bad ones.
5. It pounds in the most important step in the Super 8 Hitting System, the drive action.
6. The steps in our entire hitting system are rehearsed over and over again allowing the player to learn the system through muscle memory.
7. It's the most popular DVD in the entire Super 8 Hitting System.
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Normally $49.99 + S&H 
Just $27 Today! FREE Shipping!

Other Tempo Drills Users...
Kenny says this DVD is the "Tae Bo of Baseball"...
Caleb used this DVD to win his home-run derby...
David says this has improved EVERY kids batting average...
Ken, who never played baseball, had 169 wins and only 3 losses...
You'll have a full 60 days to review your product. If you decide during that time that it's not right for you, just let us know and you'll be issued a full and prompt refund, no questions asked. And, you can keep the DVD.

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