Understand a few principles now so your hitters don't grow up with bad habits...
ATTENTION: Baseball Players, Coaches and Parents...
Who Else Wants A Simple and Precise Method of Hitting That Explains EVERYTHING That You Need To Know in Order To Maximize Hitting Performance?
Who Else Wants A Simple and Precise Method of Hitting That Explains EVERYTHING
That You Need To Know in Order To Maximize Hitting Performance?
Endorsed by professional players, top college coaches and tens of thousands of coaches
and parents who have already received the benefits of our program.
Endorsed by professional players, top college coaches and tens of thousands of coaches
and parents who have already received the benefits of our program.
Let me teach you step-by-step how you can become a better hitter in 7 days or less. 

I want to make sure no one else goes through the same misery I see day in and day out with many youth and high school baseball players trying to find a hitting system that actually WORKS.
Give your players the simple tools they need to be successful.

You DON'T have to learn a complicated system that only advanced coaches and players can understand.

So let me help you:
==> Teach your players how to become a better hitter... 
==> Increase their bat speed by as much as 30%!...
==> Help them to understand a few principles so they don't grow up with bad habits.
There are not a lot of moving parts with my system, so if you ever felt overwhelmed, or, if you feel that your son or daughter has the talent to be a great hitter, then it's very important to turn their talent into something great and groom them for success.
From: Coach Joe Brockhoff
RE: Baseball Hitting 

Dear Players, Coaches and Parents, 

If you want become a better hitter in 7 days (or less)..., quickly hit for more average and generate more power fast..., or want be the most feared hitter on your team and in your league..., then this is the
most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why... 

The real key in hitting is to understand a small number of basic fundamentals, and knowing how to implement them in a safe, effective way, using the
right process to reinforce them in your practice sessions. Understand the simple drills I outline in the DVDs and you'll be on the fast track to hitting success. If all this sounds interesting, I have something that will help you!
Let me introduce you to Anthony Maggiore...

"In just the first year of rolling out your program in 2015, my 12 year old son, Anthony Maggiore, Jr., made successful and powerful contact consistently resulting in an overall batting average of .400 or higher in all leagues including travel league and Little League All-Stars. He also hit over 20 homeruns during the Spring/Summer of 2015 including, two grand slams and a total of five homeruns during a one week competitive tournament at Cooperstown Dreams Park this summer. Aside from that, my younger son, Christian Maggiore, at age 9 this summer, was able to actually assist me with teaching other players I coach on the right mechanics, drills and muscle memory for successful hitting. As a travel league coach, many coaches commented on our players' hitting skills and successes. In our first travel league game we scored 22 runs and averaged 8 runs a game thereafter during our Fall travel baseball season with a substantial winning record. Thank you." - Coach Anthony “Maggs” Maggiore, East Haven, CT

I Want To Share With You What I Know About Hitting And What I Taught Andrew - If You're Willing To Listen
My name is Coach Joe Brockhoff and I'm the creator of the Super 8 Hitting System.

The Super 8 Hitting System has helped over 50,000 hitters. I have performed over 8,000 video analyses and personally coached tens of thousands of players from little league, college, and into the pros. Now YOU can take advantage of
my experience and coaching. You can now have me as YOUR personal hitting coach!

My hitting system will give you everything you need to navigate the correct hitting stroke successfully!
Mason Katz (pictured above), former LSU Tiger All-American and MLB draftee, selected in the 4th round by the St Louis Cardinals in 2013, generates a lot of power for a 5'10" tall and 190 lb. infielder. 
Mason hit 20 HR's between two Single A teams in the St Louis Cardinals organization. He started the season in Peoria, IL, and was second in the league in home runs, then moved up to Palm Beach in June.
In his first game for Palm Beach, he launched a two-run homer, his 15th of the season and added five more to total 20 for the year.
Mason became one of our students when he was 14 years old and credits his success to the Super 8 Hitting System.

You see, Mason doesn't have a lot things most hitters have today...
  • He rarely goes into slumps ...
  • He doesn't have to worry about the fundamentals of hitting ...
  • He generates a tremendous amount of power for his small frame .
If There Ever Was The "Right Place" 
And The "Right Time," This is It!

Mason Lucky, 12 Years Old... Louisiana

Mason went from a .143 batting average last year, to .421 this season, hitting his first home run in Cooperstown and credits all to learning the Super 8 Hitting System.

Judson Mixon, 10 Years Old... Texas

Judson was the MVP in the 10u Elite Nations National Tournament, where he went 18 for 22 with 10 extra base hits. He played in 42 games last spring with 30 extra base hits, batting avg. of .611 with an OPS of 1.581. In Little League, he played up with kids one and two years older and led his team to a first place finish. He also made the 11 year old All-Stars as a 10 year old. On a side note, he and his two brothers all lead their teams in hitting using the Super 8 Hitting System.

16 Years Old... North Carolina

"Coach Brockhoff, I wanted to tell you about my son using your Super 8 Hitting System. I purchased the program when he was 12. After implementing your simple techniques, he was asked to play on a travel team and hit a home run in his first game. As an 8th grader, he had the highest batting average and most RBI's on the team. As a freshman, he made the Varsity baseball team. Your program has helped him develop as a hitter and gave him a lot of confidence at the plate.

If anyone is looking for something to help their player get better very quickly, they need to get your program." 
- Michael Gans, North Carolina
You See, When They Started, They Didn't Know Much About The Correct Hitting Techniques. They Improved Their Hitting And Were Successful Because..
  • They were teachable...
  • Their parents and coaches weren't too proud to reach out for help...
  • And... They were determined to make a change
Am I Describing You Too?
95% of hitters make critical mistakes at the plate that affect their hitting performance.
Why? Because they lack the basic fundamentals that I outline in my hitting system that is holding them back from success at the plate.
Before You Go Any Further... Ask Yourself 1 Question:
Is This "Right" For Me?
Only you can decide for sure.

Remember, my techniques are simple to understand and easy to follow for kids that are desperately seeking the right advice, and not a "lottery ticket".

Becoming a better hitter - with anybody - requires two things.

First, some diligent work, like these players.

I began working with the 13u St. Charles Cubs. They went from a team batting average of .225, and by the end of the year they were hitting .388 as a team! This is the team photo winning the 2014 Global World Series.

I began working the 9u Cubs team from Luling, LA. In 2014, they won six tournaments, largely due to their hitting. For one tournament, the team combined batting average was .690!

When the coaches from the Cubs asked me to help them with their teams, I can tell you that they were willing to follow a proven hitting blueprint. They didn't expect - and I didn't give them - any kind of "free ride". Every point they added to their batting averages (and they added a lot) came from their own diligent work.

Second, a proven hitting guide and blueprint, takes an investment of money as well as time. Usually, it's hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and scouring the internet searching for the right combination of tools and techniques.

Have you ever wasted month after month only to see minimal results, if any?

Have you spent countless hours trying to figure out the proper fundamentals of hitting?

Have you gone from website to website that promises you they can help you "magically discover your hitting stroke" and it never happens?

Did you get the information you were looking for?

If you don't have thousands of dollars sitting around and 100s of hours to waste... don't even bother!

In fact, investing in my system is modest enough (more on this in a second) so anyone with a good work ethic and desire to make things happen can get involved.
In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...
  • You'll discover a hitting system that is so simple to learn and implement. You'll be on the fast track to improving your results at the plate and dominating your competition in no time!
  • You'll understand, after implementing the simple techniques that I outline in the DVDs, that you'll save hundreds of dollars of instructors and countless hours in the cage trying to figure out the correct hitting stroke. It's all there for you, laid out in a simple and easy to understand format.
  • You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST people from becoming a successful hitter, and will have the right tools in your arsenal right from the start so you master a few fundamentals so you don't grow up with bad habits.
  • You'll know exactly how to hit pitchers that throw hard. You'll know exactly how to hit the breaking ball so you avoid striking out and hitting weak ground balls!
  • You'll have a ton more money in your pocket because your search is over for an effective hitting system. This will be the last hitting system you'll ever purchase!

Just think about the feeling your player will have knowing that he can hit almost any pitcher! They will have so much confidence at the plate knowing that have the right hitting system for the job. Think of how much happiness it will bring you watching your player hit for more power and a higher batting average!


When you see the success, think of the great feeling you'll have knowing you've done the right thing helping kids that desperately need the instruction.


Telling all your friends and family about how well they're hitting!

So Here's The Bottom Line With The Super 8 Hitting System

DVD #1… Coach Brockhoff. An introduction and explanation of how to use the products in the package, and the steps of the Super 8 Hitting Poster Flash demos.

DVD #2… The Super 8 Hitting System. The stroke in detail, step by step, from stance to finish.

DVD #3… Video Analysis. Identify the difference between the Amateur Stroke and the Pro Stroke. Video teaches the player or coach to accurately do a video analysis.

DVD #4… Combos. A unique set of System drills that will encourage the Pro Stroke and correct hitting faults.

DVD #5… The Hitting Agenda. An extremely important video that teaches the hitter how to take meaningful batting practice…the ability to see the ball better, get better contact, with special drills for peak performance.

DVD #6… Tempo Drills. We’ll break down the Super 8 stroke step-by-step with about 600 strokes that will make you a better hitter.

DVD #7… SuperFit. Fitness experts teach us about nutrition, strength, and conditioning for peak performance in baseball.

DVD #8… SuperSmart and BulletProof. How to adjust to different pitching speeds and hit different pitchers. Skull sessions allow us to quickly recognize the breaking ball and the fast ball. Final Phase includes building confidence with positive input, helping mentally adjust to achieve hitting goals.

Super 8 Handbook... an operations manual for the hitter, the basis of all instruction, with 180 pages of well illustrated pages, easy to read and understand.

Poster Chart... the 8 steps hitting system in a quick guide for daily work.

With everything above, this package would cost you
$465.50 if you purchased everything separately, 
but you’re NOT gonna pay anything close to that...
Keep reading because I'm going to tell you how to get everything above, but also an incredible discount today only...
So Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More 
With This Instant Bonus For Acting Now...
Order My 8 DVD Set Today And For A Limited Time You'll Receive "All Access College Coaches" For FREE! A Retail Value Of $197!

All Access College Coaches videos are designed to allow viewers from all over the world to see how these legendary, and highly successful coaches, teach and train their players on a daily basis. You will see how these top coaches use techniques to motivate players, the cue words they use, developing infielders, catching, travel ball, showcases... and the list goes on and on. This is unprecedented access and never before seen outside of the Super 8 Hitting System. That's why we created the All Access College Coaches videos -- to bring these Coaches to you. You can only get these videos here! We get hundreds of questions every year.... our community has been asking for this for a long time and you can have access to it right away!

Our online course has over 30 different video modules, with over 500 mins worth of info packed video, and over 75 pages of step-by-step instruction to get you up and running and get you from newbie to pro in no time. If you're going to learn from anyone, learn from these legendary college coaches and pro players that coach youth, high school and college players every day!

Here Is Your Legendary Coaching Staff That Will Walk You 
Through Our Step-By-Step Online Video Tutorials

Mike Martin, FSU Baseball

FSU Seminoles Head Baseball Coach (33 Years) - ABCA Hall of Fame
1,673 Career Victories - .743 Winning %
14 trips to College World Series
12-time Conference Coach of the Year
Coached MLB MVP Buster Posey and 168 MLB draftees

Paul Mainieri, LSU Baseball

LSU Tigers Head Baseball Coach
2009 NCAA National Champions
Over 1,000 Collegiate Wins
Over 100 players drafted by MLB teams

Ron Polk, Former MSU 

Legendary Mississippi State Head Coach Current UAB Coach
Over 1,300 Collegiate Wins
8 College World Series
Coached Will Clark, Jonathan Papelbon as well as 185 MLB draftees
3-time National Coach of the Year
Authored "The Baseball Playbook"

Rick Jones, Tulane Baseball

Wes Anderson Portland keffiyeh Schlitz cred. American Apparel synth twee, keffiyeh post-ironic Banksy craft beer...
As you can see, this bonus has a total value of $197 (and can probably charge a lot more)... but it's yours FREE when you act now

And you have nothing to lose because you can... 
Take A Full 60 Days To Put Us To The Test 
With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee

If the "Super 8 Hitting System" DVD set doesn't show me exactly how to:

1. Become a better hitter in 7 days (or less)......
2. Take me by the hand, step-by-step and quickly hit for more average and generate more power fast......
3. Help me be the most feared hitter on your team and in your league...

Then I will receive a full refund. No Questions Asked!!

As you can see all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, so....

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So go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

Thank you for letting me share this with you. For the last 38 years, this is all that I’ve done… helping players become better hitters.

Here's To You Becoming A Better Hitter!

Coach Joe Brockhoff


Super 8 Hitting System

P.S. Every second you spend right now thinking about reasons to ditch this page and not get the benefits of Super 8 Hitting System is another second you could be spending transforming your hitting. Don't waste this time! Instead take action while it's fresh in your mind and get started TODAY!

P.P.S. - The stuff that you’re doing right now that is not working, is never going to work. Break the pattern, commit right now to your success. Only do this if you’re really serious and ready to get started. Only do this if you actually believe that this will help someone become a better hitter.

Click The "Buy Now" Button To Get Your
Super 8 Hitting System And Your FREE SHIPPING
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Total Value Of Both - $662.50!
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You've Got Questions... I Have Answers!
I’m In! When Will I Receive It?
Great! The 8 DVD set will shipped immediately and you should receive within 4-7 business days. The "All Access College Coaches" is a online digital download and you will be emailed access immediately after you order.
What Ages Do You Recommend This For?
The hitting system works for ages 5+. We have thousands of youth baseball hitters, as well as hundreds of college and professional hitters using the system with great success.
Is There A Guarantee?
Yes... you have a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. In other words, if you're not happy for any reason, just let us know and we'll give you your money back. We obviously don't think it'll come to that, but if you're even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.
You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!
Does The Super 8 Hitting System Work For Fast-Pitch Softball As Well?
Yes, it definitely works for fast-pitch softball hitters. It is a short, powerful stroke. There is one major emphasis for fast-pitch softball hitters... We suggest batters approach pitches that are above the waist with the club head over the hands. This will cover those pitches that rise in the strike zone. Baseball players will play everything with the club head under the hands, since baseballs drop as they approach the zone, especially breaking balls.
Click The "Buy Now" Button To Get Your
Super 8 Hitting System And Your FREE SHIPPING
PLUS The All Access Coaches Program (Worth $197!)
Total Value Of Both - $662.50!
You get all of this for only $167 - FREE Shipping Today!...
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